Training and Learning Centre

Training and Learning Centre

Welcome to Doggieville Training and Learning Centre

At Doggieville, we understand that every dog is unique, with their own personality, strengths, and areas for improvement. That's why we offer a comprehensive Training and Learning Centre dedicated to helping dogs of all ages and breeds reach their full potential. Our experienced trainers utilize positive reinforcement techniques to create a supportive and engaging learning environment where dogs can thrive. Whether you're looking to teach your puppy basic manners, address behavioral issues, or advance your dog's skills through advanced training, we have a program for you.

Our Training Programs

We offer a variety of training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of each dog and owner. Our programs include:

  1. Puppy Training: Start your puppy off on the right paw with our Puppy Training program, designed to teach basic manners, socialization skills, and foundation behaviors.
  2. Basic Obedience: Build a strong foundation of obedience skills with our Basic Obedience program, covering essential commands such as sit, stay, come, and leash walking.
  3. Advanced Training: Take your dog's skills to the next level with our Advanced Training program, focusing on off-leash obedience, agility, tricks, and more.
  4. Behavioral Modification: Address problematic behaviors such as aggression, fear, separation anxiety, and leash reactivity with our Behavioral Modification program, tailored to your dog's specific needs.

Why Choose Doggieville

  • Experienced Trainers: Our trainers are experienced professionals with a deep understanding of dog behavior and training techniques.
  • Positive Reinforcement: We believe in using positive reinforcement methods to build trust, confidence, and cooperation in dogs.
  • Individualized Approach: We tailor our training programs to meet the unique needs and goals of each dog and owner.
  • Supportive Environment: Our Training and Learning Centre provides a supportive and encouraging atmosphere where dogs can learn and grow at their own pace.
  • Continued Support: We offer ongoing support and guidance to help you and your dog succeed both during and after training sessions.

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