Monday Puppy Club

Monday Puppy Club

Welcome to Doggieville Puppy Club

At Doggieville we strive to set new puppies up for success by providing a safe environment for socialization. Puppies are exposed to new sights, sounds, people and other dogs to build their confidence in dealing with new stimuli throughout their lives.

During Puppy Club days we will focus on:

Socialization: with pups from 12 weeks to 5 months of age.

Crate Desensitization: through positive experience and during nap time.

Confidence Building: through exposure to different sensory experiences, including the sights and sounds of the grooming room.

Enrichment: through learning new skills with positive reinforcement.

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Contact us by Friday to reserve your Monday spot for the following week.

Limited spots are available to ensure safety and fun for all pups.

*Regular daycare rates apply to Puppy Club

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