Daycare Services.

Daycare Services.

Welcome to Doggieville Premier DoggieDaycare Services.

At Doggieville, we pride ourselves onbeing Southern Ontario's premier destination for top-notch doggie daycareservices. Our facility boasts over 6,800 square feet of fullyclimate-controlled space, ensuring optimal comfort for your furry companionsregardless of the weather outside. With expansive indoor play areas spanning4,000 square feet, equipped with custom rubberized flooring renowned for itsanti-fatigue qualities, we offer the perfect environment for dogs to romp,play, and socialize to their heart's content.Tailored Play Areasfor Every Dog's Needs.We understand that dogs come in allshapes, sizes, and temperaments. That's why we've created specialized playareas to cater to the unique needs of every dog. Smallville is a haven forlittle dogs and puppies, while Hound Town provides ample space for largerbreeds to stretch their legs and unleash their energy. Our designated playareas ensure that each dog can socialize and play in a safe and comfortableenvironment, tailored to their size and level of confidence.

Exceptional Care byCertified Canine Handlers.

At Doggieville, your dog's well-being is our top priority. Our team of certified canine handlers is dedicated toproviding the highest standard of care, with Canine First Aid and CPRcertification ensuring your pet is in safe hands at all times. With a low ratioof 12-15 dogs per team member, we guarantee personalized attention andsupervision to ensure every dog's needs are met.

Comprehensive Wellness Requirements.

To ensure the health and safety of allour furry guests, we have strict wellness requirements in place. All dogs mustbe current on vaccinations, including DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella (kennelcough), and be on a flea, tick, and heart worm prevention program. Puppies arewelcome to join our daycare program at 12 weeks of age or once they have hadtheir second set of shots. Additionally, all dogs undergo a fecal test within two weeks before their first daycare visit to rule out any internal parasitesor worms.

Flexible DaycarePackages and Pricing.

We understand that every dog and ownerhas unique needs, which is why we offer flexible daycare packages to suit yourschedule. From full-day packages for extended stays to half-day options forshorter visits, we have something for everyone. Our daycare packages expire oneyear from the purchase date, giving you the flexibility to use them at yourconvenience.

Grooming Serviceswith a Personal Touch.

In addition to daycare services, Doggieville also offers professional grooming services to keep your dog lookingand feeling their best. Our certified groomers provide a relaxing spa-likeexperience, using premium all-natural products that are gentle on your pet'sskin and coat. From baths and brush-outs to nail trims and full grooms, weoffer a range of grooming services to meet your dog's needs.

Join the Doggieville Family Today.

Whether you need daycare services, orgrooming, or just want to give your dog a day of fun-filled play, Doggievilleis here to welcome you with open arms. Join us today and experience theDoggieville difference – where every dog's day is tailored with love, care, anda whole lot of wagging tails.

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